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In Reality Your Confidence is Arrogance…

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Mary Kay Sales Director Susan Lenser (video to the right) auditions for Oprah's OWN Network reality competition

Participation in a reality show could make a big splash for anybody with something to market -especially if you are marketing your personality as a vehicle for your product.

But watch out! Personalities can get twisted in the court of public opinion.

In my mind these reality shows are the original “Gilligan’s Island” story line: An assemblage of divergent personality archetypes (the professor, a movie star, a country bumpkin) isolated and placed under stress to solve a task so that the viewing audience can watch the drama unfold.

The most common archetypal drama that I see used in reality shows is the pitting of a “confident” character(s) against an “enthusiastic” character(s). Both archetypes are charming but with a little coifing in the editing room the “Confident” character is commonly developed as an “Arrogant” character and the “Enthusiast” looks naive and incapable.

Now you’ve got some real American Television going on!

Arrogance is something that people love to hate and wide-eyed naivete is something that we hate to love; the magic tension between the two sells refrigerators!

So if I were a Shock Jock looking to further my career by participating in a reality show I’d be sure that my participation fell on the confident/arrogant side because it would bolster my image.

On the other hand, if I ever wanted to sell anything “nice” -like anything other than a shock jock radio show- I’d be sure to present myself as the wide-eyed enthusiast. After all, the greatest American story line is the underdog who beats the odds to win the day.

I’d be that or lose trying.

In the column to the right you will find the video audition of a local hero who is staking her claim.

Susan Lenser is a Mary Kay Sales Director in Pleasant Hill California.

This video is her entry into Oprah Winfrey’s contest to participate in a reality show centered around hosting your own talk show on Oprah’s O.W.N. Network.

I would encourage you to listen to her message and help her with a vote; the program that she proposes would enrich a lot of people.


-Love, Tony

The “Un” Market

Those punk rock consumers who only buy products that are buried in ecommerce obscurity.

Several years ago I opened an account with

I designed some mugs and stamps using my original photography and graphic art -nothing impressive; I was just playing.

I forgot about it.

Now I’m selling these mugs:

They’re flippin’ flyin’ off the shelf!


Social Media enables companies to become part of the Recommendation Chain | Sharisax Is Out There

60-80% of purchases are made because of recommendations.

Businesses need to be part of the Recommendation Chain.

Social Media is where customers meet customers for experience, skill development, and failure prevention. When a company builds a product or service that people are asking for . . . How COOL is that!

via Social Media enables companies to become part of the Recommendation Chain | Sharisax Is Out There.

Magical Transformations – Creating Effective Power Point Graphics

“She has not cheated her audience by removing information; she has enhanced their ability to understand what she is saying.”

via Magical Transformations – Creating Effective Power Point Graphics « Ethan Rotman’s iSpeakEASY Blog.

That eMail WASN’T a Scam!

Six years ago I received an email from the beautiful daughter of a wealthy (but recently deposed) African leader.

She explained that if I were to help her open some depository accounts to protect her family’s assets then it would allow her to escape and she would reward me greatly. She was clearly in dire need.

I helped her open those accounts. She and her family escaped unharmed. We fell in love.

Today I am the wealthy ruler (in absentia) of a small African nation and I have seven wives, two Learjets and a performance car collection.

Why doesn’t it go like that?

Why aren’t women dropping dead on the pavement from the lead in their lipsticks?

Why aren’t alligators snapping at pedestrians from the sewers through open manholes in New York?

What about the skads of children who die every year from Pop-Rock/CokaCola Toxicity. (A statistic commonly withheld by our government.)

Are they just being tossed into a mass grave somewhere?

This world would be a shockingly fantastical place if all of the things that we could be led to believe were true.

Love, Tony

Did YOU give Meg Whitman $50 capital when she was 16?!

Would you invest $50 in your own daughter’s business management skills?

Well here’s your chance to sponsor your daughter’s business and money management education for fifty bucks! (and it’s FUN!)

For the month of October Mary Kay is offering a special $50 sign up rate for new consultants.

For that fifty dollars you would receive:


• Travel-size TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set, pk./5

• Color Cards, 7 pks./5; Disposable Sponge-Tip Applicators, 2 pks./15

• Shade Selector Tool

• Mary Kay® Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder Samplers, 3 pks./6

• Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black; Disposable Mascara Brush, 2 pks./15

• Satin Hands® Pampering Set Samplers, 12 sets Business Tools and Literature

Ready, Set, Sell! Inventory Options for New Consultants Brochure

• MKConnections® FREE Business Card Offer Flier

• Education Materials – Starting Points CD; Consultants Guide

• Flip Chart Beauty Book, pk./10

• Sales Tickets, pk./25

• Customer Profiles, pk./50

The Look, pk./10

• On the Go Tote


This would be everything that your teenager would need to go into “business” and see how it works.

The official business owner would be you, the parent (so you have total control), however there would be no further obligation on your part to be involved in any way except to handle the money transactions with your daughter.

Get her this kit and let her fly!

See what she does! I’ll help you 100%. Any inventory that you purchase is covered by Mary Kay’s 90% buy-back policy in the first year.

Worse case scenario? The kit ends up in the closet under dirty clothes and you’ve got great travel mascaras and microderm abrasion sets to take with you on your holiday excursions.

Best case scenario?

My National Sales Director, Janis Moon, earned $28K in commissions for the month of June ’09.

Maybe your daughter makes a fraction of that, which fraction would be enough to see what she could do if given the chance?

News Flash: The Lemonade Stand Model hasn’t earned top dollar since 1903.

This would be a fun and safe way to introduce money, marketing and business strategy to your sharp teenager. These kids know networking like nobody’s business! Make it pay!

Go here to find out more:

Or call me for details: (510) 918-5822

Love, Tony

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