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Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters: True Story

Here’s a great example of excellence in Network Marketing!

My friend Dot Spaet is a personal trainer and holds pilates classes at the Rec Center in Terra Linda.

Dot and I were both members of a BNI group (Business Connections Chapter) and because we were partners in the group…

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Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters

Now historically speaking I am somebody who HATES being marketed to. I mean I HATE it! No, you don’t understand, I REALLY HATE it!
DON’T call me!
DON’T email me!
DON’T send me catalogs!
DON’T send me your newsletters!
Just DON’T!…

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Making Connections: Playing Ball

Here’s the Scenario:
Several consultants of varied companies find themselves staring at each other at a dead networking event on an off night.
Consultant A sells Shaklee
Consultant B sells Isagenix
Consultant C sells MonaVie
Each consultant has been mentored by their respective directors to view anybody in the room as a potential client as well as a potential recruit. The games begin…

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Making Connections: Networking Channels: BNI (Business Networking International)

I can’t say enough about this great organization!

Its really the tops and if you intend to be successful in Direct Marketing then you need to be in a BNI Group. Its as simple as that.

I was a member of the…

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Getting Started: Get Rich Quick! …yeah right.

Because my blog is focused on network marketing and the direct selling industry there are many key words that prompt the advertising on the right to focus in on get-rich-quick schemes. Some of the ads are simply appalling, “Make millions of dollars! And do it without ever calling anybody! No money up front! No sales work! No skills necessary! Work from home for 3 minutes once in a millennium and make all of your dreams come true! In fact, you could be a complete vegetable resting in a cryogenic state for the rest of eternity and receive all the residual income that you desire from the nanosecond of energy that you will expend using this FABULOUS system!”

Come ON! Give me a break people!

The truth is…

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Getting Started: THIS Company is Perfect for YOU!

Did I get you hooked with the title of this entry?

Bet you thought that I was ready to sign you up with Mary Kay!

Well I won’t even begin to name names here as it would be unfair to companies that are perfectly great but simply haven’t crossed my path. The truth is…

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Getting Started: Where’s The BEEF!

Q: What is the number one key indicator of profitability in the Direct Selling Industry?

A: Industry margin spent on marketing.

(In other words, the percentage of profit (margin) that is commonly spent by the manufacturers in any particular type of business (industry) to advertise (market) the product that they produce.

Products that rely heavily on marketing to be commercially viable have the greatest potential for return for direct sellers because direct sellers are marketing agents. Opportunity is proportional to the perceived value of any given resource. If an industry places a high value on marketing (by spending a great deal of money on it) and I’m a marketer then I have an opportunity to be of high value to the industry (and therefor get paid very well for my results) much more so than for an industry that does not value marketing very highly.

The number one general category of products with an over-reliance on marketing is in the fashion industry. From clothing to cosmetics the thing that makes the products in the fashion industry desirable (and therefor commercially viable) is high-end mass marketing. This means that an extraordinary proportion of profits made by the industry have to be reinvested in advertising campaigns or their products lose market-share precipitously (and even with extraordinary efforts the whims of public fashion consciousness are still terribly fickle.)

Direct sellers, through network marketing, are capable of achieving the same level of success as any high-end marketing firm at a fraction of the cost. This means that any company in the fashion industry could largely eliminate their marketing overhead by employing independent contractors to pound the pavement for them selling their products neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, and the volume would remain the same (or increase.) What would also be achieved is greater stability within the industry: People have more allegiance to Aunt Betty than they do to a billboard or a TV ad.

My point here (without mentioning a specific Direct Selling Industry) is that if you’re considering a home-based business and you intend to demand high profitability for yourself -even if its just in the form of perks, freebies and discounts- you’ll have better luck marketing high fashion sunglasses than you would selling multi-grain oatmeal. They could both be high quality products but only one would (and should) pay out large in the marketing sector.

Love, Tony


Getting Started: Get Rich Quick! …yeah right

Getting Started: THIS Company is Perfect for YOU!

Getting Started: Where’s The BEEF! -YOU ARE HERE!