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Getting Started: Get Rich Quick! …yeah right.

Because my blog is focused on network marketing and the direct selling industry there are many key words that prompt the advertising on the right to focus in on get-rich-quick schemes. Some of the ads are simply appalling, “Make millions of dollars! And do it without ever calling anybody! No money up front! No sales work! No skills necessary! Work from home for 3 minutes once in a millennium and make all of your dreams come true! In fact, you could be a complete vegetable resting in a cryogenic state for the rest of eternity and receive all the residual income that you desire from the nanosecond of energy that you will expend using this FABULOUS system!”

Come ON! Give me a break people!

The truth is…

…that there are a lot of success stories in my company and others; there are Mona Vie millionaires, Mary Kay millionaires, Isagenix millionaires, Arbonne millionaires, etc. However, becoming a millionaire in this industry (as well as every other industry on earth) requires several key elements (and many nebulous intangibles.)

You should know up front that I should be charging you “$39.99 FOR THIS INCREDIBLE SECRET INFORMATION KNOWN ONLY TO THE RICH AND FAMOUS!” …but I won’t.

  • First, you need “vision”, the kind that Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have. Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, you name a successful him-or-her and I guarantee you that they were either gifted with vision or learned it from other successful people around them (and it IS learnable.)

  • Second, you need capitol. If any system can turn you a profit from a penny you still need the penny to get started, simple as that. (And if you can make a profit from one penny’s investment then you’ll double your profit by investing two.)

  • Third, you need “smarts.” Access to money, even a lot of it, will not make you a great business manager (in fact, I might argue that povertynot wealth- will forge the most efficient business management skills.) If you make a million in a day and spend it all the next day then you’ll get nowhere fast. You have to be smart.

  • Fourth, you have to work. Thats not a typo, its a “W” followed by an “O-R-K.” I mean WOOOOORK! Just like capitol you can’t get anything out of anything if you don’t contribute something up front (and keep at it.)

  • Fifth, you need some luck. Business is not an “all-skill” game (nor is life, in my opinion.) Sometimes you’ll put every effort into a meaningful venture and you’ll still come up empty handed. My boyhood sports hero was Jerry Rice (of SF 49ers fame.) He was/is a great athlete and a great man. Did he catch every ball? No. Did he win every game? No. Sometimes that ball bounces funny no matter how perfectly it was thrown. You have to roll with it. (because sometimes it bounces funny in your favor too!)

Mary Kay is a great business to be in (and so are many other direct-selling opportunities) and I promote it to everybody that I meet as often as I can. I do make it look good and easy when I’m presenting our marketing plan because I truly believe in it. However, I also have the intention of being absolutely for-real with anybody who is seriously interested in the opportunity: You need vision, capitol, smarts and the willingness to work (and learn) as well as the understanding that luck is out of our control -we roll with luck every day whether we’re in business or not.

So get as rich as you want, do it as quickly as want. But go into any venture expecting it to require some sacrifice no matter what the sales pitch is.

Love, Tony.


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