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Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters: True Story

Here’s a great example of excellence in Network Marketing!

My friend Dot Spaet is a personal trainer and holds pilates classes at the Rec Center in Terra Linda.

Dot and I were both members of a BNI group (Business Connections Chapter) and because we were partners in the group…

…she treated me to one of her classes.

It was great! Its really a workout but so low impact that you don’t even realize that you’re working out (but you are.) Dot is one of the most empathic trainers that I’ve ever met and she’s what I would call a “Body Engineer”; she can work with challenges and injuries right on your level and will help you gain core strength as well as confidence in yourself no matter your physical condition.

Responding in kind I treated Dot and some other ladies in the group to a Mary Kay party and they got to sample my skin care. Dot liked the skin care but isn’t one for daily face-washing regimens. Mary Kay isn’t for everybody but Dot and I retained mutual respect and admiration none-the-less.

I am no longer a member of Dot’s group but I made sure that I remained on her eMail List and I get periodic notices from her about classes and specials. In fact, there is another Mary Kay consultant, Hillary Doyle, who is currently in Dot’s BNI chapter. Because of that affiliation Dot has an obligation to send skin care referrals to Hillary instead of to me. So at this point I gain absolutely nothing from exchanging business with Dot.

Or do I?

Actually, I have a client in Terra Linda who was telling me just the other day that since she was laid off from her work she has had to cancel her physical therapy (therapy that she was requiring as the result of an auto accident injury.) I had mentioned Dot to her as a possible replacement however she dismissed the idea saying, “Unless she charges $10 an hour I can’t do it!” I didn’t pursue it any further -most trainers start at around $50 to $75 an hour (and a good one is usually around $100.)

Well getting home today I noticed an email bulletin from Dot highlighting a pilates class summer special at $6 per class (when purchasing a bundled series of classes) and right in Terra Linda. I called my client to let her know and she just flipped out with excitement. I forwarded her Dot’s email while we were on the phone and she admitted to me that she wasn’t purchasing much from me this month primarily due to the fact that she was broke and in pain and didn’t know what to do.

Well I’ve got her on a deferred payment plan that keeps her on her skin care without breaking the bank and now I’ve set her up with some affordable physical therapy that will keep her on her feet as well. These are troubled economic times and we all have to pull together to get through.


Do you know that when this client was working she was handing me several hundred dollars every quarter to keep her skin care regimen and color palette up to date?

Do you think that I’ll have this client for life after this exchange?

Was it worth it for me to continue to exchange business with Dot even though she has an obligation to send referrals in another direction?

Was it valuable to me to be on Dot’s mailing list in the first place?


This lady has taken care of me in my career and this was my opportunity to care for her in return.

Be a player people! It PAYS!

Please visit Dot’s website for information about her Personal Training business -and know that she comes with my highest recommendation. As Dot herself says, “The best workout is the one that you will do.”

Please email me for a copy of Dot’s summer 2009 special flier.

-Love, Tony


Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters

Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters: True Story -YOU ARE HERE!

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