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Making Connections: Twitter

frontpage-birdSo I’ve Twumbled into Twitter! And I’ve been quite the Twidiot! But I’m getting Twetter!

(Dr. Seuss is ROLLING in his grave right now!)

Here’s where you get the chance to watch me squirm and look stupid with something new that I don’t know anything about!…

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Getting Started: Internet Presence

If you are working with a good direct selling company then they will have outfitted you with a very robust website that is easily recognized by the popular search engines. If you want to check your company’s “optimization” (a tech word that describes the sophistication of a web page’s coding that, when written properly, causes it to rank highly when “searched-for” by internet users) just go to your favorite search engine (mine’s Google) and type in your company’s trademark name: A highly optimized site will show up first or second on the resulting list after the paid-for listings, a poorly optimized site may not show up at all. Its a good thing to…
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Making Connections: Being a Joiner: True Story

Today I attended a Health & Wellness Committee meeting sponsored by The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

This committee supports the health and wellness business community by sponsoring events and networking opportunities and it is a critical forum for meeting the needs and expanding the horizons of this vitally important industry within our community.

Present at this meeting were…

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Making Connections: Networking Channels: Leads Groups: True Story

Leads groups are the channels that connect you with the professional people who should be your primary resource for operating a profitable business. These people operate in very stable business environments -generally large, well stratified corporations- and therefor have very predictable discretionary spending budgets. More importantly…

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Industry Notes: Taking Care of Your People

Recently a close friend (who is a fairly new consultant for another direct selling company) had a serious problem with an operational aspect of working with her supplier (the wholesaler of her product) and it cost her some money.

Resolution to the problem was frustrating for her and she found herself caught up in some undue corporate bureaucracy -apparently some i’s weren’t dotted and some t’s weren’t crossed somewhere along the way but they were i’s and t’s that she hadn’t been trained to be aware of prior to the issue…

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Getting Started: What’s in a Name? Possibly the Missed Opportunity of a Lifetime!!

The direct selling industry gets a bad name from two main sources. Oh yeah, and its all over the web too but even there the more substantive criticism still stems from these two issues (the less substantive is just freaks who have nothing better to do with their time but gripe -get a life people.)

The first place the bad name comes from…

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Recruiting: Lifers

I’m a Mary Kay lifer.
Thats gold to my “recruiter.”
Mary Kay will now pay my “recruiter” a commission (or bonus) on any order that I place for the rest of my life (so long as my business does not go inactive for more than a year.) That is guaranteed residual income for my “recruiter” as long as I maintain an active business (and an active business in Mary Kay is as easy as having Coca-Cola on the shelf in a 7-11 store; people just buy it day-in and day-out and the only way to shut off the stream is to close the door -and lock it.)

So how did my “recruiter” get so lucky…

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