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Making Connections: Following Up: True Story

Earlier this month I met a couple at a Chamber Mixer who offer Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes locally, Scott and Rachel Jensen.
These were nice people -and I don’t say that to be pleasant, they were really nice people (they have good Chi okay.)
As an ambassador for The Chamber its my job to be gracious and network with all of my fellow members but in this case I was…

…personally interested in their Tai Chi classes. I got Scott’s card and promised him that I would give a call and get some more detailed info about their classes. The card went into a pocket, my brain got pulled away to another conversation and, needless to say, I forgot all about them. How rude was that on my part? Very! If I had a dollar for every contact that I’ve made that said, “I’ll absolutely call you first thing on Monday!” never to hear from them again I’d be a millionaire.

The truth is: There actually IS a dollar to be made for every person that blows you off and its up to you as to whether you make it, they make it, or you BOTH make it. Scott got my card and DID follow up with me! In fact, he mailed me (via the Post Office! -not email) their newsletter with some materials about Tai Chi in general along with some information about their classes AND an invitation to attend a free class! Thats more than a dollar for me so far and many dollars for him down the road because I respect his business acumen and will absolutely be doing business with him in the future!

The lesson here?
Don’t take it personally when somebody blows you off -TAKE IT TO THE BANK!
-Don’t be afraid to make follow-up contact with a flake like me (flakes have money to spend too!)
-Learn from the professional image of people that you respect and do as they do.
-Don’t be afraid to be human; we all forget people once in a while. Repair the damages by responding in kind to offers of kindness -we’re all here to help each other.
-MOST IMPORTANTLY! Give something of yourself (ideally a taste of your product) for free, even if you’ve been slighted, because it PAYS BACK 100 FOLD!

Please visit Scott and Rachel’s Website and get interested in what they’re doing -not just in the Martial Arts but in their marketing and business approach.
Nice people DO get the sale!

-Love, Tony


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