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Recruiting: Lifers

I’m a Mary Kay lifer.
Thats gold to my “recruiter.”
Mary Kay will now pay my “recruiter” a commission (or bonus) on any order that I place for the rest of my life (so long as my business does not go inactive for more than a year.) That is guaranteed residual income for my “recruiter” as long as I maintain an active business (and an active business in Mary Kay is as easy as having Coca-Cola on the shelf in a 7-11 store; people just buy it day-in and day-out and the only way to shut off the stream is to close the door -and lock it.)

So how did my “recruiter” get so lucky…

…(and why does she have to wear “quotes” around her recruiter title?) Well, she didn’t actually recruit me. She actually didn’t do anything at all; I recruited myself. I’ll share my “I” story somewhere else in this blog but, long story short, I LOVE this company, I LOVE the women and I LOVE the money and the success. It took only a year or so of being in casual contact with my director and her unit before I just jumped into it for good.

How can you get lifers like me?
  • First, recognize that you are being watched and scrutinized every moment of every day by people that you haven’t ever even met. How you live and what you do is constantly being compared to how they live and what they’re doing (we all do that all the time.) If you are living well and you are prosperous then people who desire wealth and prosperity will gravitate towards you because they want that too. If you are stressed and in need then people will move away from you because they don’t desire that.

(I should qualify these statements somewhat by saying that there are certainly people in the world who, due to emotional ill health, gravitate towards crisis and away from prosperity and they will behave in the opposite of successful/healthy-minded people.)

  • Second, you can’t fake it with a lifer. You can get away with it for awhile but faking it isn’t sustainable and once you’re “found out” it could potentially burn that bridge forever. Oddly enough in my case I saw through some of the “show-biz” in my business (you know, all the “pink and fluff” that is the Mary Kay standard fare) pretty early on and it actually reinforced for me that I could just about blow these women out of the water with my sense of how to operate a business. (Don’t hold your breath though, my Area National is tough as nails and could take me to the mat -and hold me there to a count of ten with ease- when it comes to running a business. One of these days though…)
  • Third, who cares about recruiting?! What real difference does it make to you or your core business whether you “recruit” or not? Why are you in the business that you’re in? Are you in it just to recruit people? If so then I’ll see right through you and you will have completely lost me right there. I’m in my business because its flippin’ fantastic! I have great, high quality products that I use and enjoy myself. I belong to a great unit of women who are loving and caring and powerful and successful. My personal recruits are women who I love myself and I’m deeply grateful just to be connected with them. My clients are the BEST! They run the gamut of lifestyles from deeply grounded top-of-the-line high-profile professionals to deeply grounded stay-at-home moms.
My point? Sign people up to be a part of your organization because its great -not because you’re desperate for residual income. Finance your dream career in any way that makes sense but remember that striking the gold of attracting “lifers” is about living every part of the dream that you truly believe is real.
Us “lifers”, we’ll do the rest for you.

-Love, Tony

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