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Making Connections: Being a Joiner: True Story

Today I attended a Health & Wellness Committee meeting sponsored by The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

This committee supports the health and wellness business community by sponsoring events and networking opportunities and it is a critical forum for meeting the needs and expanding the horizons of this vitally important industry within our community.

Present at this meeting were…

Leaza Haydock, C.M.T., Awaken Your Body, massage therapy & conscious bodywork,, (415) 233-2244

Darcy Starr, Isagenix Consultant, nutritional cleansing and dietary health,, (415) 717-6078

Hazel Wood, Certified Instructor, Stride by Stride, ChiWalking and ChiRunning,, (415) 459-1840

Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, Doctor of Chiropractic, BALANCE Chiropractic,, (415) 499-3399

Jennifer Kenyon, CSA, PHR, First Choice Home Care,, (415) 295-1565

When I first got started in my Mary Kay business I immediately wanted to jump in to any health and wellness environment to spread the word about the health benefits of our great skin care products however I was wisely coached by my director to keep my focus on developing clientele who would be more interested in the “pampering” and “fun” aspects of the Mary Kay milieu. She was right; in Mary Kay we use the “pink & fluff” as the vehicle for providing our clients with a healthy skin care regime and we access our ideal market in this way because it is what makes Mary Kay novel and interesting to consumers.

So why in the world would I be attending a Health & Wellness Committee meeting?

First off, on a plain personal level I have health needs (and many people around me have them as well.) I don’t have a lot of needs but I do have some and getting involved with people who are operating at this level of vitality in their businesses (the movers and shakers in my community) I get access to the best, most current and well rounded health opinions and strategies available to anybody (and so far I haven’t paid a dime for this valuable access.) These people provide personalized service to their clients and if I have a need they’ll have the answer (or help me with where I can get the answer.)

Secondly, from a business standpoint I employ a networking strategy of being a “Joiner.” Being a part of anything that is happening in my community, anything, makes me available to whatever might roll in my direction. I’m known by people, my image becomes familiar, I’m approachable, I’m willing to help, I’m nice, I’m entertaining, I have thoughtful things to say and I care about people. The more that I “join in” the more that these things will be known about me. People do business with people that they know. Women are especially more likely to do business with “that odd male Mary Kay consultant” if they know me and their friends know me (cha-ching!)

The third reason (or set of reasons) that I attended this meeting is/are directly because of my having been active as a Joiner in so many other activities:

  1. I’m an ambassador for The Chamber: My job is to spread the word to members (and prospective members) about the benefits of joining The Chamber. This committee and their activities are some of those benefits and I need to be in the know and be able to promote these benefits intelligently.
  2. My friend is opening a new massage therapy business in Downtown San Rafael and I’m taking part in her Grand Opening and I want to connect her with this health and wellness community so I need to know what they’re all about.
  3. I’m a connected networker in general: I need to be able to know what (and who) is going on in every sector of my community so that I know where (and who) to send people when they have needs. My referral resources need to be fresh and up to date.

What can you do for these people as a direct marketer?:

  • Help them spread their word; connect them with your community, your friends, your clients, your associates.

  • Be their friend; its fun to have friends.

What not to do:

  • Don’t attempt to change the dynamics of a group that you do not have a vested interest in: I’m the worst at keeping my mouth shut when I have thoughts and ideas but it was critical that my place in this meeting was as an observer and a supporter, not a “changer.”

  • Don’t promote your business unless invited and don’t solicit anybody and DON’T try to recruit anybody. (In this case, especially, I was quite literally a drop-in guest in an environment that is out of context with my primary market.)

What they will do for you:

  • If you behave yourself they will appreciate and respect you and that leads to referrals.

  • ..and thats enough.

So be a “Joiner!” Its fun and it PAYS!

If your business would find valuable context in The San Rafael Chamber’s Health & Wellness community then please contact Jean Kramers to become a member of the Chamber and then get in touch with Hazel Wood or Leaza Haydock for commitee details. The commitee meets on the first Wednesday of the month at The San Rafael Chamber’s meeting room, 817 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, Ca. 94901.

-Love, Tony.

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