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Identifying Social Media Time Wasters: MkFaces

nomkfacesFor direct marketers Internet Social Media should do three things in this specific order of priorities:

  1. Connect you with potential new clients and potential new team members
  2. Maintain your connection with current clients and team members
  3. Maintain your professional image

Any social web interface that is not performing these functions in the above order is a time-waster.

Two days ago I was invited to join a Social Interface for Mary Kay consultants through Facebook, MkFaces.

Anybody who has spoken to me in the last month knows that I am a strong proponent of social internet media marketing but here I was dubious because the above three criteria could not possibly be met using an interface that only connects consultants with other consultants.

I joined anyway –it’s free for two months- just so that I could check it out. One of the first things that was a red flag for me was that I couldn’t find out who was in charge of the site. It’s probably possible to find out but any website with integrity ought to be easily searchable for sponsorship.

I went back to the site and looked for how I could load up my blog, my website, status updates, all the normal things that one should be able to do with social media (in essence, the whole purpose behind being involved in the first place.) Nothing. The interface exists as a platform for one-way marketing from whoever is sponsoring the site (and it’s not Mary Kay.)

I’ll give them another 72 hours to give me any reason for any consultant to be involved with this website and from then on their name is mud. I want none of my consultants involved in MkFaces and I strongly recommend that no Go-Girls log onto this social interface.

Change my mind; give me your best shot. From where I sit this looks like somebody taking advantage of unsophisticated users for the purpose of marketing products to them and that smells bad to me.

Training in Mary Kay happens face to face and at our meetings. The Mary Kay website has any and all electronic training materials that you could ever desire. Consultant sisterhood support happens face to face. Directors support us and are in contact with us face to face and on the telephone. Potential clients and potential team members are “out there,” not “in here.”

Get involved with mainstream social media: It pays. Don’t waste your time connecting electronically with social interfaces that only look inward: That doesn’t pay.

-Love, Tony

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