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The #1 Social Media Fundamental

TelephoneI was recently speaking with a business associate who wanted to get into social media marketing.

This person had a great idea for a money-making website and a fantastic business model. I asked this person about a phone message that I had left; it was a follow up call to an email that I had sent concerning a social-media-related business matter. The response was, “Oh, I didn’t get that message; I haven’t checked my voice-mail this week –and you know I don’t do email well. Just tell me what you’re talking about?”

I did. But I also had to think about what was happening here:

The first social media platform was the place that would eventually be called the Agora (The Marketplace or Town Square.) You had to be present to participate though.

Writing on tablets or paper was the next step: You could record a message without having to be personally present when it was delivered. But if you did happen to be present to deliver the written message you increased the likelihood that the message would be read and taken seriously.

The Telegraph was the first electronic social media. But you had to be standing next to it when it started clicking or you would miss the message. You had to be present.

The Telephone was the next step. You had to be there when it rang though; otherwise you missed the call.

Then there was Email. But it went nowhere unless you checked it; you had to manage your day so that at some point you were present to check your email.

Now there’s Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, yadda yadda yadda… Guess what? You have to be present to participate.

If you are interested in marketing with social media first you need to practice the art of talking to people in-person in public places. Next you need to read and write well (I struggle with that one myself.) Next you need to answer your phone (and check your messages.) You also need to read and respond to email. Then, if you want to engage in the social media domains (and you should), practice the same fundamental principal that is the running thread through all of social media’s previous incarnations: BE PRESENT.

That’s all.

-Love, Tony

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