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To Call?

See full size imageThis is networking advice from Michael Arrington entrepreneur and founder/co-editor of TechCrunch from his blog post:  Greetings!

“If you get someone’s business card, never call them. That mobile phone number isn’t for you, the person who just met them. A random call to their cell phone is never welcome. Send an email.”

In my business it is almost a rule to make follow-up calls.

I would love comments and recommendations from others on this.

To call? Not to call? What do you think?


  sharisax wrote @

Hi Tony,
1) First off, this site looks GORGEOUS!
2) I wonder what will happen if someone wants to comment and does NOT have a acct? I had to login to make this comment.
3) Re: your post – personally, I prefer that people do NOT call my cell phone unless I have specifically asked them to.
4) That being said, my recommendation for a first contact is to GIVE something of value to the person you want to begin a relationship with.

  Tony Hurst wrote @

Thanx Shari!
I Changed the login setting just now so that anybody can comment.
I have started to use emails as my follow-up instead of the phone.
Perhaps those emails could include a coupon or a Gift Certificate.
I’m going to roll with that and see where it goes. Thank you!

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