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Twit Review @logtimer *UPDATE!*

Following now!

Logtimer connected with me on this blog and we’ve had a discussion about broadcasting and what to tweet. I’ve turned on the follow and updated this post and I look forward to a relationship with this person. (YAY!)

(Original post)

“Not Following.


Thoroughly uninteresting.

Richard Illingworth (logtimer) on Twitter.

-Love, Tony”


  timepeace wrote @

each to their own

  Tony Hurst wrote @

Yeah? Engage me! Talk to me about the things that my contacts are interested in. Many of them are business owners. They buy my products because I talk to them instead of broadcasting product offers over and over. I encourage you to get your foot in the door by conversing with us! -Tony

  timepeace wrote @

well, thats more constructive, thank you…
Im new to this can you telll me how?
Do you mean just twittering about anything?

  Tony Hurst wrote @

Yes I can help. Here’s a tip. Lately I’ve been following closely a lady named Sally Kuhlman. See her blog here:
She coaches small businesses and Virtual Assistants (VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS! Cha-Ching for you!) Her business page is here:

Here’s a tweet she made last night when I was twittering with her:
“I just unfollowed about 100 people who only broadcast and never interact. I probably shouldn’t tweet at night, I get grouchy.”

Follow her: @sally_k
and check out the community of other women who follow her. Interact with them when they mention a subject that you might have some knowledge on. They’ll get to know you and they’ll check out who you are and what you do.
It could be gold. I talk to them and they’re very interesting people.

I’m going to follow you again and update this post. This kind of discussion is exactly the kind that nets you followers.

Check out some resources from my friend Shari (she’s sharp on this stuff):

Shari’s a genius on this stuff and if you need help with online presence she gives me exclusive webinars that are very affordable and focused on small business owners.


  timepeace wrote @

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the input and direction.
Im going to follow Sally and Shari.
I have your email…
I’ll make contact with you. Perhaps you might like to trial my software for free and then review it?

I can talk about NZ and the All Blacks !! LOL

  Tony Hurst wrote @

@Shari is a PR Genius and you find her very enlightening.

She also works with associates who get hired by people wanting to get their online presence started. Much of their work would be at the computer and logging their time with a great program would be valuable to them.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be a great reviewer because I’m not a consumer of that kind of software -my business is skin care and makeup. But making an offer like that available to Shari or Sally might go a long way; both of them use Tweedeck and they get everybody that they know onto it. If they liked your product they would get everybody onto yours too!


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