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Your political party is BANKRUPTING your business!

ggIs the portrayal of your business at the following website reflective of your marketing strategy?: Company Political Contributions

Is the stigmatism that you receive there (for being “red “ or “blue”) reflective of the quality of products and services that you supply to your market?

I have both Republican and Democratic clients and I do my best to keep my political views outside of the business environment because I think it is neither germane nor appropriate.

My own corporate office falls right out of the pink and well into the red on this chart. Will my Democratic clients walk?

Here’s my situation:

  • I’m an independent contractor representing Mary Kay in Marin County California (it doesn’t get any bluer here.)
  • Mary Kay, the corporate entity, is the wholesaler that I buy my products from.
  • Mary Kay skin care is the number one selling Skin Care product in the United States.
  • Every other skin care consultant that I have ever known working for other companies eventually goes out of business, they just can’t compete.
  • Most Mary Kay consultants stay in business and many of them make a living wage.
  • I LOVE what I do and it’s my dream to work along side these incredible women and support their cause of feminine empowerment

If my clients walk based on the information on this website then I’m dead.

If my sister consultants’ clients in this area walk because of this information they’re dead too.

That would be an example of a group of fine business women getting their collective “pink” slip because they did business on the wrong side of the political fence for Marin County. And these women have earned their success in business.

How Democratic is that cause?

Peruse these thoughts:

  1. Take a good look at the geography of the companies in question: My own company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It hasn’t gotten any redder than that over the past decade (but it was pretty blue when my company opened in 1963.)
  2. How homogenous do you want your business community to be? If you vote with your dollars and eliminate either the reds or blues from your midst then who’s next? The one’s who aren’t “as red” or “as blue”?
  3. Demanding ethics in business is one thing, demanding political affiliation is quite another.

My own opinion as a business owner:

I offer the best products and the most personalized service that you can find in my industry. Your dollars pay for that when you purchase products from me. My political views are not for sale.

My own opinion as a consumer:

My dollars in the political arena are best spent directly supporting the candidates that resonate with me. Bankrupting or stigmatizing a business or an individual because they have different political leanings than I do says a lot about my willingness to be just as vulnerable when the pendulum swings the other way (and it always does.)

Love, Tony

(Please posit any and all comments below; I would love to have a variety of opinions here.)


  D Hurst wrote @

Here’s one thought: What is unmentioned at that site is what exactly the spending is on–for example, as pinko liberal as I am, I have ideas about economics that might make my fellow commies raise an eyebrow. Thus, I can imagine a company spending money on conservative issues that would not, in fact, be against my own ideals. So, details matter–if they’re financing the anti-gay movement, I’m pissed. But if they’re supporting moderately conservative economic issues, it’s a little different story.

  Tony Hurst wrote @

It does mention whether the money is going to PAC’s or individuals and in my company’s case 100% went to individuals. That could very well be political figures local to Texas.

But the general public sees only Red & Blue when they look at this website.

What the general public does not see are the contributions made by the 100’s of thousands of independent MK consultants out in the field. Those could be going anywhere and may far outweigh the contributions made by the corporate office.

  D Hurst wrote @

You’re right–that would make a definite difference in the perception of the company. And it would be a more accurate picture of the way money spent on the product is used in the political realm.

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