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That eMail WASN’T a Scam!

Six years ago I received an email from the beautiful daughter of a wealthy (but recently deposed) African leader.

She explained that if I were to help her open some depository accounts to protect her family’s assets then it would allow her to escape and she would reward me greatly. She was clearly in dire need.

I helped her open those accounts. She and her family escaped unharmed. We fell in love.

Today I am the wealthy ruler (in absentia) of a small African nation and I have seven wives, two Learjets and a performance car collection.

Why doesn’t it go like that?

Why aren’t women dropping dead on the pavement from the lead in their lipsticks?

Why aren’t alligators snapping at pedestrians from the sewers through open manholes in New York?

What about the skads of children who die every year from Pop-Rock/CokaCola Toxicity. (A statistic commonly withheld by our government.)

Are they just being tossed into a mass grave somewhere?

This world would be a shockingly fantastical place if all of the things that we could be led to believe were true.

Love, Tony

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