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In Reality Your Confidence is Arrogance…

Click Here to see Susan's Video

Mary Kay Sales Director Susan Lenser (video to the right) auditions for Oprah's OWN Network reality competition

Participation in a reality show could make a big splash for anybody with something to market -especially if you are marketing your personality as a vehicle for your product.

But watch out! Personalities can get twisted in the court of public opinion.

In my mind these reality shows are the original “Gilligan’s Island” story line: An assemblage of divergent personality archetypes (the professor, a movie star, a country bumpkin) isolated and placed under stress to solve a task so that the viewing audience can watch the drama unfold.

The most common archetypal drama that I see used in reality shows is the pitting of a “confident” character(s) against an “enthusiastic” character(s). Both archetypes are charming but with a little coifing in the editing room the “Confident” character is commonly developed as an “Arrogant” character and the “Enthusiast” looks naive and incapable.

Now you’ve got some real American Television going on!

Arrogance is something that people love to hate and wide-eyed naivete is something that we hate to love; the magic tension between the two sells refrigerators!

So if I were a Shock Jock looking to further my career by participating in a reality show I’d be sure that my participation fell on the confident/arrogant side because it would bolster my image.

On the other hand, if I ever wanted to sell anything “nice” -like anything other than a shock jock radio show- I’d be sure to present myself as the wide-eyed enthusiast. After all, the greatest American story line is the underdog who beats the odds to win the day.

I’d be that or lose trying.

In the column to the right you will find the video audition of a local hero who is staking her claim.

Susan Lenser is a Mary Kay Sales Director in Pleasant Hill California.

This video is her entry into Oprah Winfrey’s contest to participate in a reality show centered around hosting your own talk show on Oprah’s O.W.N. Network.

I would encourage you to listen to her message and help her with a vote; the program that she proposes would enrich a lot of people.


-Love, Tony

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