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Magical Transformations – Creating Effective Power Point Graphics

“She has not cheated her audience by removing information; she has enhanced their ability to understand what she is saying.”

via Magical Transformations – Creating Effective Power Point Graphics « Ethan Rotman’s iSpeakEASY Blog.


Did YOU give Meg Whitman $50 capital when she was 16?!

Would you invest $50 in your own daughter’s business management skills?

Well here’s your chance to sponsor your daughter’s business and money management education for fifty bucks! (and it’s FUN!)

For the month of October Mary Kay is offering a special $50 sign up rate for new consultants.

For that fifty dollars you would receive:


• Travel-size TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set, pk./5

• Color Cards, 7 pks./5; Disposable Sponge-Tip Applicators, 2 pks./15

• Shade Selector Tool

• Mary Kay® Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder Samplers, 3 pks./6

• Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black; Disposable Mascara Brush, 2 pks./15

• Satin Hands® Pampering Set Samplers, 12 sets Business Tools and Literature

Ready, Set, Sell! Inventory Options for New Consultants Brochure

• MKConnections® FREE Business Card Offer Flier

• Education Materials – Starting Points CD; Consultants Guide

• Flip Chart Beauty Book, pk./10

• Sales Tickets, pk./25

• Customer Profiles, pk./50

The Look, pk./10

• On the Go Tote


This would be everything that your teenager would need to go into “business” and see how it works.

The official business owner would be you, the parent (so you have total control), however there would be no further obligation on your part to be involved in any way except to handle the money transactions with your daughter.

Get her this kit and let her fly!

See what she does! I’ll help you 100%. Any inventory that you purchase is covered by Mary Kay’s 90% buy-back policy in the first year.

Worse case scenario? The kit ends up in the closet under dirty clothes and you’ve got great travel mascaras and microderm abrasion sets to take with you on your holiday excursions.

Best case scenario?

My National Sales Director, Janis Moon, earned $28K in commissions for the month of June ’09.

Maybe your daughter makes a fraction of that, which fraction would be enough to see what she could do if given the chance?

News Flash: The Lemonade Stand Model hasn’t earned top dollar since 1903.

This would be a fun and safe way to introduce money, marketing and business strategy to your sharp teenager. These kids know networking like nobody’s business! Make it pay!

Go here to find out more:

Or call me for details: (510) 918-5822

Love, Tony

Getting Started: Internet Presence

If you are working with a good direct selling company then they will have outfitted you with a very robust website that is easily recognized by the popular search engines. If you want to check your company’s “optimization” (a tech word that describes the sophistication of a web page’s coding that, when written properly, causes it to rank highly when “searched-for” by internet users) just go to your favorite search engine (mine’s Google) and type in your company’s trademark name: A highly optimized site will show up first or second on the resulting list after the paid-for listings, a poorly optimized site may not show up at all. Its a good thing to…
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Getting Started: What’s in a Name? Possibly the Missed Opportunity of a Lifetime!!

The direct selling industry gets a bad name from two main sources. Oh yeah, and its all over the web too but even there the more substantive criticism still stems from these two issues (the less substantive is just freaks who have nothing better to do with their time but gripe -get a life people.)

The first place the bad name comes from…

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Getting Started: Get Rich Quick! …yeah right.

Because my blog is focused on network marketing and the direct selling industry there are many key words that prompt the advertising on the right to focus in on get-rich-quick schemes. Some of the ads are simply appalling, “Make millions of dollars! And do it without ever calling anybody! No money up front! No sales work! No skills necessary! Work from home for 3 minutes once in a millennium and make all of your dreams come true! In fact, you could be a complete vegetable resting in a cryogenic state for the rest of eternity and receive all the residual income that you desire from the nanosecond of energy that you will expend using this FABULOUS system!”

Come ON! Give me a break people!

The truth is…

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Getting Started: THIS Company is Perfect for YOU!

Did I get you hooked with the title of this entry?

Bet you thought that I was ready to sign you up with Mary Kay!

Well I won’t even begin to name names here as it would be unfair to companies that are perfectly great but simply haven’t crossed my path. The truth is…

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