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The “Un” Market

Those punk rock consumers who only buy products that are buried in ecommerce obscurity.

Several years ago I opened an account with

I designed some mugs and stamps using my original photography and graphic art -nothing impressive; I was just playing.

I forgot about it.

Now I’m selling these mugs:

They’re flippin’ flyin’ off the shelf!


Making Connections: Being a Joiner: True Story

Today I attended a Health & Wellness Committee meeting sponsored by The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

This committee supports the health and wellness business community by sponsoring events and networking opportunities and it is a critical forum for meeting the needs and expanding the horizons of this vitally important industry within our community.

Present at this meeting were…

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Making Connections: Networking Channels: Leads Groups: True Story

Leads groups are the channels that connect you with the professional people who should be your primary resource for operating a profitable business. These people operate in very stable business environments -generally large, well stratified corporations- and therefor have very predictable discretionary spending budgets. More importantly…

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Making Connections: Following Up: True Story

Earlier this month I met a couple at a Chamber Mixer who offer Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes locally, Scott and Rachel Jensen.
These were nice people -and I don’t say that to be pleasant, they were really nice people (they have good Chi okay.)
As an ambassador for The Chamber its my job to be gracious and network with all of my fellow members but in this case I was…

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Making Connections: Playing Ball: Email Lists & Newsletters: True Story

Here’s a great example of excellence in Network Marketing!

My friend Dot Spaet is a personal trainer and holds pilates classes at the Rec Center in Terra Linda.

Dot and I were both members of a BNI group (Business Connections Chapter) and because we were partners in the group…

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